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The Worldbuilding Summer Camp continues, and despite working all day in 106 degree heat, I am doing my best to get some content written and flesh out this world I have in my head. Here are three more articles of Lore:

Voorsteh – Midwife of the Gods

“Before a woman delivers her child, all spiders and crawling insects of the Weirth must be driven from the room with the smoke of Sage and green Willow branches, to keep the Entropy daemonette Lolth from corrupting the child as it is born.”

Before the Cataclysm the Weirth was a place of peace and beauty, great tall beings called the Alfen lived in glittering cities of crystal and silver. They were the masters of magic and wielders of god-like powers. All served Agytha and her husband Nyarlethotep, the Avatars of Law, and everything grew and flourished in harmony.

River Dragon

The River Dragon is a giant lizard, growing up to 30 feet in length (nearly half of that being tail), that is found in the rivers and lakes of the world of Weirth.

These creatures are the undisputed kings of the savanna, at least within a half-mile of any waterway. These lizards are are two-tone brown in color, with rows of black spots along the spine and a pale, cream-colored belly. They have oblong, blunt heads, wider than they are long with wide, pincer mouths for grasping prey (swallow a man-sized creature whole on Bite attack roll of 18+).

These creatures can move very quickly, at least as fast as a horse, for short periods, definitely long enough to run a man down and devour him.

The God-Queen of Zygaria

The Empire of Zygaria is as old as the world. Survivors of the Cataclysm, especially the sunken land of Telantis, banded together under the leadership of a mighty magic user. Using the powers that remained to her, she was able to hold the people together in the face of the horrors from beyond the Outerdark and the Belowdark. Many demons and other supernatural entities were captured and bound into the service of this fledgling nation, becoming the driving force of its power and expansion (magic itself is an unnatural force from the Outerdark, and it wants to be used). Over the centuries the Realm became a Kingdom and, as it absorbed the neighboring rival nations, an Empire.

In the fertile riverlands between the jungles of the south and the desert highlands to the north, the Empire of Zygaria ruled from sea to sea.

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