More Weirth on World Anvil – Wives’ Tales

Here is a snippet of the latest article for the World of Weirth for the World Anvil Summer Camp.

“Before a woman delivers her child, all spiders and crawling insects of the Weirth must be driven from the room with the smoke of Sage and green Willow branches, to keep the Entropy daemonette¬†Lolth¬†from corrupting the child as it is born.”
Before the Cataclysm the Weirth was a place of peace and beauty, great tall beings called the Alfen lived in glittering cities of crystal and silver. They were the masters of magic and wielders of god-like powers. All served Agytha and her husband Nyarlethotep, the Avatars of Law, and everything grew and flourished in harmony.
Then came Arioch, Avatar of Entropy, from the Outerdark. He had many fine words and charming songs, used to woo Agytha and tempt here to give up her virtue. He also tempted many of the Alfen and they followed his wise and wondrous ways.

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