The Exalted Warrior Sub-class – World of Weirth Supplement

The World of Weirth (TM) is a Basic D&D (Swords & Wizardry) – AD&D mashup. Look to the 1e PHB and DMG for specific tables and rules mentioned below. This is the playtest version of this character class.

The roles of the Cleric and Paladin Classes will effectively be merged into the Exalted Warrior sub-class of Magic-User. The Paladin Class is too specifically tailored to be a “Holy Fighting Man” of the generic  Christian template, with ‘anti-Evil’ powers and  ‘Lawful Good’ restrictions to be useful in a polytheistic setting. Since the Alignment System of Weirth is simply Order/Law vs Entropy/Chaos, this will easily allow each god/godling/demon/spirit to have their own chosen champions. Warrior first, evangelist second, these champions generally participate in more formal, military activities. There are those called by their Patron, or ordered by the leader of their guild/cult, to go forth into the wilderness and perform a task or mission. Often this goal or task is one an army can’t accomplish, but a small group of fighting men, rogues and spellcasters can complete.

Exalted Warrior Character Class
The Charismatic leader of a mystery cult

Exalted Warriors will be members of secretive guilds or orders, with their own rules for behavior and personal conduct. These groups of men and/or women would be something like a knightly order crossed with a Mystery Cult. The leaders of these orders would wield great political power in- and outside the realms where they operate. Each guild or order will have  its own set of holy books with the “scriptures”, “prayers” and L I-II spells available to their members. Each will have its own Summoning method for those entities it calls upon to deliver their magical knowledge.

The Exalted Warrior depends on both Wisdom and Strength for effectiveness, and thus must have a minimum score of 12 in each Ability. If WIS or STR are greater than 15, the character adds 10% to experience awarded.

The Exalted Warrior utilizes a d8 for determining HP.

Exalted Warriors may use any of the magical items available to Fighting Men, plus Clerical and Protection scrolls. They use the Cleric Melee, Spellcasting and Saving Throw tables.

Class Abilities

Spell Casting

Beginning at second level of experience an Exalted Warrior can cast magic spells up to level five (L V, experience level nine, depending on their innate level of magickal ability: Gift or Talent), chosen from a list particular to their teacher/training. Exalted Warriors without a teacher or mentor will only be able to acquire new spells through discovery, or by trading for/stealing spells from other Magic-Users.

Lay on hands – Exalted Warriors have the ability to “lay on hands”, either for others or for their own person to cure wounds; this heals 2 HP of damage per experience level. In addition, an Exalted Warrior may perform the hour-long ritual Dissipation of Memory upon another character to remove psychic trauma and restore up to three points of Sanity. This ritual can only be performed by the Exalted Warrior once for any individual. These benefits of being the Chosen of a supernatural entity are each only usable once per day. These powers may be reversed for the devotee of a Chaos entity.

Magic Sense: Upon gaining fourth level of experience, an Exalted Warrior can sense magical powers being used in their vicinity. This ability increases with level, and the range is dependent on the level of spell or ritual being cast/performed.

Exalted Warhorse/Mount – At 4th level, or at any time thereafter, the Exalted Warrior may call for their warhorse (or other suitable mount); this creature is an intelligent, heavy mount with 5+5 HD, AC 5, Movement 18″; it will magically appear, but only one such animal is available every ten (??) years. If the first is lost the Exalted Warrior must wait until the end of the period for another.

Summon Patron – gaining 5th level the Magic-User will need to perform the Summoning Ritual, in order to gain access to spells of L III or higher. An Exalted Warrior can cast magic spells chosen from a list particular to their Patron.

Temple – When an Exalted Warrior achieves 8th level he or she automatically attracts followers if they establish a place of worship – a building of at least 2,000 square feet in area with an altar, shrine, chapel, etc. These followers are fanatically loyal and serve without pay so long as the Exalted Warrior does not change deity/denomination or alignment. These followers number 2d10x10. In addition to these Lay followers there will be men-at-arms (your DM will relay the types and numbers as appropriate). It is possible for these followers to become a full-blown Cult in the service of, and adoration of, the Exalted Warrior and/or their god(s) (or spirits, demons, elemental forces, ancestors, etc).

At 9th level the Exalted Warrior has the option of establishing a religious stronghold. Domain Play rules remain TBD.

For more background, see Every Magic-User is a Warlock.

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