d30 Thursday – Simple Pleasures

Last week we had a list of things people don’t like, or fear. Today, a list of simple pleasures that make your PCs and NPCs feel good and right with the world.

(My apologies to Stanley Kubrick)the hobbit's favorite things

Roll a d30!

  1. A quiet, gentle rain
  2. Cuddly little furry animals
  3. Cuddly little scaly animals
  4. Babies
  5. A flower garden
  6. A field of flowers
  7. A high, sun-drenched meadow
  8. A glorious, solitary tree
  9. A majestic view of the mountains
  10. The wind in your face, standing in a high place
  11. Standing/walking on the beach
  12. Looking at the sea
  13. The smell of the sea
  14. Sitting by a river
  15. A waterfall
  16. A walk in the woods
  17. A crackling campfire
  18. The smell and sizzle of bacon (/food or cooking in general)
  19. The smell of old leather
  20. The feel of a finely balanced knife
  21. Having your hair brushed
  22. Having your back scratched
  23. A foot massage
  24. Soaking your feet in hot water
  25. Drinking hot beverage on a cold winter’s morn
  26. Snuggling
  27. Appreciating the nuances of a fine wine
  28. Appreciating the nuances of a fine beer
  29. Appreciating the nuances of a fine liquor
  30. The smell of Greek Fire in the morning (it smells like…Victory)


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