d30 Thursday – Phobias and Aversions

Need some fun ideas for things for your PCs to be afraid of? What would your NPCs put on their “Social Profiles” for Dislikes?

Here is a resource of phobias, aversions and things some people just plain don’t like.

Roll a d30!

  1. phobias in D&DFear of Spiders
  2. Fear of Snakes
  3. Fear of Dogs
  4. Fear of Cats
  5. Fear of Birds
  6. Fear of running water (rivers, streams)
  7. Fear of deep water
  8. Fear of walking on a frozen lake/pond
  9. Fear of Horses
  10. Fear of Fire
  11. Fear of Men
  12. Fear of Women
  13. Fear of Heights
  14. Fear of the Dark
  15. Fear of Caves/being underground
  16. Aversion to Dairy foods
  17. Aversion to soft foods
  18. Aversion to spicy foods
  19. Aversion to piping hot beverages
  20. Aversion to eating meat
  21. Aversion to eating fish
  22. Aversion to getting feet wet
  23. Aversion to getting hair wet
  24. Aversion to touching slimy things
  25. Aversion to getting hands dirty
  26. Aversion to putting face under water
  27. Aversion to sleeping in the same room with more than one other person
  28. Aversion to sleeping alone
  29. Aversion to being unclothed
  30. Aversion to touching strangers


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