d30 Thursday – Master-Crafted Weapons

The World of Weirth is going to be a low-magic, low-fantasy style game. This means I’ll need to keep the number of magical weapons to a minimum. I’m also going to be incorporating the idea of the Master of Dungeons from Fen Orc’s blog, which will be a fun way to relieve PC’s of any items that turn out to be excessive, or too disruptive of play balance. With that in mind, d30 Thursday presents:

Master-Crafted Weapons

d30 Roll Weapon Type Material Decoration
1 Dagger Iron Twisted Vine Pattern
2 Handaxe Steel Knotted Twine Pattern
3 Mace Bronze “Celtic” Knot Pattern
4 Spear Obsidian Lightning Bolt Pattern
5 Battle Axe Damascine Braided Rope Pattern
6 Warhammer Crystal Engraved Bear
7 Short sword Petrified Wood Engraved Lion
8 Longsword Iron/Silver Alloy Engraved Tiger
9 Greatsword Sky Stone Ore Engraved Wolf
10 Scimitar Alfensteel* Oak Leaf Design
11 Dagger Deep Iron Maple Leaf Design
12 Hand Axe Wyvern Sting Fern Leaf Design
13 Mace Adamantine Cherry Blossom Design
14 Spear Dragon Bone Skull Carving
15 Battle Axe Narwhal Horn Pommel Decoration: Fist
16 Warhammer Dragon’s Claw Pommel Decoration: Eagle
17 Short sword Manticore Tail-spike Pommel Decoration: Falcon
18 Longsword Roc Talon Pommel Decoration: Geometric Shape
19 Greatsword Mammoth Ivory Pommel Decoration: Gemstone
20 Scimitar Gorgon Horn Pommel Decoration: Ivory Carving (roll again)
21 Dagger Catoblepas Tusk Pommel Decoration: Stone Carving (roll again)
22 Hand Axe Demon Bone Pommel Decoration: Pinecone
23 Mace Giant Bone Beehive Design
24 Spear Basilisk Horn Frog Design
25 Battle Axe Antler Snake Design
26 Warhammer Titan Bone Dragon Design
26 Short sword Green Treant Wood Manticore Design
28 Longsword Astral Steel Basilisk Design
29 Greatsword Giant Serpent Fang Pinecone Design
30 Scimitar Unicorn Horn Star Design


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