d30 Thursday – NPC Contacts – Allies, Friends, Acquaintances

For this set of tables, your PCs may need to know someone already in place in a settlement. Or they may need to be “sent” off ti find an NPC, and you aren’t sure who or what they are.

This d30 table determines the basic role of the NPC. I’ll leave Class and Race choices up to you, as each setting will have its own quirks. Likewise Gender is unspecified.

The City sub-table breaks things down a little further, as there tends to be more variety in a larger population.

The Personality Stereotype Chart gives a basic outline of the NPC’s Persona


Roll a d30!


  1. City – Tavern keeper
  2. City – Storyteller/Busker
  3. City – Street Urchin
  4. City – Socialite
  5. City – Minor Noble
  6. Town – Blacksmith
  7. Town – Mercenary Sergeant
  8. Town – Fence
  9. Town – Merchant
  10. Town – Tailor
  11. Village – Sheriff
  12. Village – Capt of the Guard
  13. Village – Innkeep
  14. Village – Wise Woman
  15. Village – Parish Priest
  16. Hamlet – Mayor
  17. Hamlet – Brewer
  18. Hamlet – Miller
  19. Hamlet – Horse Breeder
  20. Hamlet – Retired Magic-User
  21. Alchemist
  22. Armorer
  23. Engineer-Architect
  24. Jeweler
  25. Mercenary Captain – Archer
  26. Mercenary Captain – Footmen
  27. Mercenary Captain – Cavalry
  28. Sage
  29. Scribe
  30. Ship Captain


Social Strata descriptions are taken from Alexis Smolensk at Tao of D&D https://tao-dnd.blogspot.com/search?q=exemplary


City Contacts Sub-table

  1. City – Tavern keeper – Choose or roll for Social Strata of customer demographic
    1. Laborer
    2. Artisan
    3. Exemplary
    4. Attendant
    5. Adherent
    6. Zealot/Adventurer
  2. City – Storyteller/Busker – Choose or roll for Social Strata of customer demographic
    1. Laborer
    2. Artisan
    3. Exemplary/Attendant
    4. Adherent
  3. City – Street Urchin – Choose or roll for specific background
    1. Addict
    2. Beggar
    3. Harlot
    4. Spy
    5. Thief – Burglar
    6. Thief – Pickpocket
  4. City – Socialite – Choose or roll for specific background
    1. Goodwife Adherent
    2. Goodwife Zealot
    3. Goodwife Celebrity
    4. Noble Political personage
    5. Noble Religious personage
    6. Noble Celebrity
  5. City – Minor Noble (in this context a Functionary is one who holds a position purely due to social strata or nepotism, a Professional knows what they are doing and are recognized for it)
    1. Military Functionary
    2. Political Functionary
    3. Religious Functionary
    4. Military Professional
    5. Political Professional
    6. Religious Professional


Personality Stereotype Chart

Roll or choose for the basic personality traits of the NPC


  1. A clean, well-spoken, middle-aged person with a tendency towards cruelty or callousness
  2. A foppish, hostile adult person with a tendency towards carelessness
  3. A nondescript and diplomatic adult with a greedy and suspicious nature
  4. A malevolent, youthful dandy with an abrasive personality and wastrel attitude for money
  5. A young, unkempt, yet kindly person with a modest nature
  6. A rough old person of a studious nature, courteous and truthful to all
  7. A dirty and opinionated middle-aged person, vociferous in their dislikes
  8. An immaculate young person, foolhardy yet fond of pranks
  9. A hedonistic, unkempt adult with an overbearing personality and brilliant intellect
  10. A dirty, neurotic young person with inquisitive attitude and an abrasive, covetous nature


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