d30 Thursday – Effects of Roots and Tubers

Ever wonder what plants are like under the ground? Some fun things for your PCs to discover while foraging.

Roll a d30!

Magical Roots and Tubers


Some are known by the name of the food-stuff made from their roots, others by the flower, shrub or tree they support. These seemingly common roots and tubers can be used in potions and elixirs.

  1. Ebon Potatoes – protection from blood afflictions
  2. Crimson Potatoes – protection from bone afflictions
  3. Golden Beets – curative for brain injuries
  4. Manioc – protects and stregthens the kidneys
  5. Waxpod vine – prevent connective tissue disease
  6. Indigo Fern – cures hearing loss
  7. Spinefruit – cures eye/vision-related afflictions
  8. Samphire – reduces swelling and pain in the joints
  9. Kaelenn – a leafy, green shrub-like plant with a thick, bulbous yellow root ball
  10. Celeriac – Cure for mucous-membrane dryness
  11. Sunflower – the shaggy root ball is a cure for chronic nose-throat illnesses
  12. Dandelion – the long, fibrous root, when boiled into a tea, eliminates respiratory disorders
  13. Palmetto – the creamy flesh of the thick-skinned root of this plant can be pulped and mixed with wine to stanch bleeding
  14. Salsify – white-fleshed root with a black covering, used to cure snakebites
  15. Kohlrabi – wild cabbage – the roots and stems are boiled to make a syrup that cures urinary infections
  16. Oca – a cream-colored root with reddish grooves, dry and powder as a stimulant
  17. Sedge-nuts – walnut-sized brown nodules – dry and powder for another reduction, that cures skin ailments and acne
  18. Sonchi – disk-shaped root ball of another sunflower-like plant – eaten raw causes restful sleep
  19. Tropa – long-finger-like cream-colored root with purple grooves – boiled and mashed with salt and blood, prevents drunkenness
  20. Uyucco – root of an orchid-like flowering plant – aids in improving vision
  21. Radix – a bifurcated radish-like root, with a long stem and a ball of tiny leaves on top – makes a spicy tea that eliminates body-odor
  22. Ochre Carrot – enhances sense of smell
  23. Turnip – aids vision in darkness or low light
  24. Parsnip – boiled and mashed with goat’s milk to make a salve for rashes
  25. Dogwood sapling – the root is boiled for hours until soft, eating produces sweat on the skin that repels flying insects
  26. Charcoal Iris – the long, worm-like reddish brown root of this plant is soaked in containers of alcohol to create a weak poison that causes minor auditory hallucinations
  27. Nettle – a paste made of nettle roots and lye removes bloodstains from clothing
  28. Scrub Oak – the dirt washed from the roots of this plant makes a poultice that is proof against infection (of an open wound)
  29. Wild Onion – the tiny, hair-like roots of a multitude of these tiny onions make a tea that overcomes hunger for 6-8 hours
  30. Truffle – shaved into very thin strips and served on food, truffle prevents infertility in males and females

NOTE: All of this information is made up. None of these effects are even Folk Remedies. DO NOT eat some of these things IRL.

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