d30 Thursday – Set Dressing – Kitchen

At a loss for how to describe what your PCs find in the kitchen of the castle?

Roll a d30!

  1. d30-table-kitchen-cooking-implementsHand-carved wooden utensils (spoons, ladle, paddle)
  2. Forged iron utensils (spoons, ladle, paddle, meat forks)
  3. Bone-handled iron paring knife
  4. Wood-handled copper ladle
  5. Wood-handled iron cleaver
  6. Forged-iron tripod for hanging a cook-pot
  7. Small iron cook pot (1/2 gallon)
  8. Medium iron cook pot with lid (1 gallon)
  9. Large iron cook pot with lid (2 gallon)
  10. Wood-handled iron griddle
  11. Medium cast-iron skillet (10 inch diameter)
  12. Large cast-iron skillet (16 inch diameter)
  13. Small ceramic Dutch oven (1/2 gallon)
  14. Medium ceramic Dutch oven (1 gallon)
  15. Large cast-iron Dutch oven (2 gallon)
  16. Antler-handled steel kitchen knife
  17. Copper trussing needles and string
  18. Small ceramic flask with cork (8 ounces)
  19. Medium ceramic jar with wooden plug (16 ounces)
  20. Large ceramic jar with wooden plug (32 ounces)
  21. Large ceramic pitcher (32 ounces)
  22. Wooden plates or trenchers
  23. Copper plates or trenchers
  24. Engraved copper serving platter with silver inlay
  25. Butcher-block cutting board (14 inches x 18 inches)
  26. Carved wooden bowls (assorted sizes)
  27. Fire-starting kit
  28. Basket of rags and towels
  29. Bunches of dried herbs
  30. Small ceramic dish with lid containing salt

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