d30 Thursday – All that Glitters

A d30 Treasure table for making things interesting. Assign GP values as you see fit for your campaign and PC level.

  1. A plain, silver ring with an inscription carved around the edge
  2. A carved golden ring with a braided pattern
  3. A fingertip claw of silver with  an onyx cabochon above the nail
  4. A leather thong bracelet strung with ivory beads carved like skulls
  5. A silver bracelet with a star sapphire setting
  6. A gold wrist cuff carved with intertwined serpents and set with a ring of jasper gems
  7. A pair of ivory wristlets carved with running wolves and crescent moons
  8. A set of leather bracers with gold bands, set with a three large topaz in the center of each band
  9. Four silver bangles with jade and turquoise beads
  10. A golden armband, carved in the shape of a sea serpent
  11. A set of pauldrons, made of leather and wood, carved in the shape of stylized eagle heads
  12. A silver pectoral in a spider-web design, with an onyx spider in the center
  13. A golden pectoral set with peridot in a hexagonal star pattern
  14. A silver chain necklace with thumb-sized beads of jet
  15. A gold necklace set with garnets and pink coral cabochons
  16. A simple gold chain with a cat’s eye agate in a golden cage
  17. An ornate woven-rope necklace of tri-color gold with a ruby pendant
  18. An emerald pendant in an electrum setting
  19. A pair of golden hoop earrings with small topaz settings
  20. A singe golden earring with a polished hematite cube
  21. A bone and leather headband beaded with coral and pearls
  22. A black leather hairband with obsidian chips in silver settings
  23. A silver tiara set with small diamonds and emeralds
  24. A golden tiara featuring carved golden birds with ruby eyes
  25. A purple cloth skullcap, lined with silk and embroidered with thread-of-gold and carved jade beads
  26. A silver broach set with peridot in the shape of a sitting cat
  27. A golden broach in the shape of a lion rampant with ruby eyes
  28. An ivory cloak-clasp with a silver pin, scrimshawed with ornate, interwoven vines
  29. A silver hair-clasp set with seven small topaz stones
  30. A gold hair-clasp with a skull inlay of ivory and ebony

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