January Workbench

Oh my goodness, it has been a while. 2018 was a pretty rugged year for me, in many ways, with a real impact on my hobby activities and blogging. 2019 is a new start.

I already have three minis finished this year:

Reaper Bones for Cthulhu in Casablanca

These are Reaper Bones minis. I like them, but I have a couple of issues: They are very tall, 32mm scale. Only the Pulp Era Professor (right) has the kind of crisp detail that make painting fun and, frankly, easier. The other two have very superficial details, the Frank Buck mini (center) doesn’t have any sculpted eyes. I spent an hour trying to paint them in and it just didn’t work…

Blood and Plunder

Most of my painting projects for the first part of 2019 will be creating a Dutch force for the Blood and Plunder game system. I participated in two Kickstarter programs and have a considerable collection of these minis. I have also made a (moderately binding) resolution to paint all the minis in my possession before I buy any new ones.

Blood & Plunder minis in storage

(Note: most of my hobby collection is still in storage, so there are currently less than 70 minis in the house)

The Blood and Plunder minis are cast in metal, with an average amount of flash and mold lines. For the most part, details are good, but none of the minis are sculpted with eyes. Just a sharply concave depression in the face. My Twitter peeps suggested stating with the eyes, painting them in first, then painting the flesh color around them. For my first attempt at this technique I think they came out pretty good.

I am starting with 15 minis, a Legendary Leader, Piet Heyn; 8 Soldaten, regular soldiers; 4 militie artillerie, cannon crew; and two pack mules (from WhizKids).

Works in progress.

Piet Heyn Blood and Plunder

Dutch Soldaten for Blood and Plunder
#WIP Blood and plunder Militie Artillerie
#WIP Blood and plunder pack mules from WhizKids

The Blood and Plunder minis are available from Firelock Games (who are also launching a new Age of Sail mini game). I have a couple of ships, and lots more figures to work on. Stay tuned.

As always, C&C welcome.

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