Works in Progress Update

Since I have decided to get serious about this blog again, I’ve updated the WIP page:

Since we recently moved to Charleston SC, our household is still in storage, until we find a place to stay “permanently”. We took a short-term lease on an apartment north of Charleston, but the location is not ideal. Now that I have found a job we’ll start looking for someplace closer to both of our places of work.

As for painting projects, I picked up a box of Death Guard Chaos Space Marines to work on while we wait.
I’ve also started working on a memoir about my time in the hospitality biz. This will see monthly updates on the blog, in draft form.

I have not accomplished very much in the way of the writing project, but I will share what I have done in February.

I’m also going to write some more background for the Yangzee City Campaign, and start some work on terrain and miniatures for the Lost World of Lemuria. With a little luck, and some hard work, I’ll have made some progress by June.

Stay tuned!

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