Lost World of Lemuria – Forge of Ice Order Guide

Let me start by saying you don’t have to buy these minis to play the Pulp Alley supplement, Lost World of Lemuria. After looking through the rulebook, and seeing the lovely Character Cards I decided to go ahead and get the same ones that Dave used to put the cards together.

The Forge of Ice figures are available via DM on the FoI Facebook page. The complete catalog is found on the Lead Adventure website.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation for putting this together. (Possible NSFW notice, the priestesses and Lion Women are topless)

Forge of Ice Facebook

Forge of Ice Catalog

Order Guide

  • 2 x FOI 508 Saleesa Leader
  • 5 x FOI 509 Saleesa Warrior 1
  • 5 x FOI 510 Saleesa Warrior 2
  • FOI 601 Snake Priestess 1
  • FOI 602 Snake Priestess 2
  • 2 x Lion Women of Azor (2 pack)
  • Aleta Spearwoman with Pterosaur
  • 5 x FOI 804 Cyclops
  • 5 x FOI 512 Entelodont/Skull-Boar
  • 2 x FOI 513 Swamp Scorpion/Karsh Creeper
  • 2 x Alert Sentries (2 pack)

All of these minis are described in the previous three or four posts, check them out when you are ready to start working on your projects.

(And please feel free to share links to your projects in the Comments, I’ll post a link)

Thanks for reading along!

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