The Lost World of Lemuria – Scenarios 5 – 7

This is the third post in a series where I catalog the terrain models and miniatures needed to play the scenarios for the Pulp Alley Lost World of Lemuria campaign.


Death Rides the Sky

Legends tell of an ancient Orb of great power that is hidden in a secret temple. If this relic can be found, it could be used to strengthen the barriers that protect Lemuria from flooding…

  • The central terrain piece is a 10″ x 10″, 6″ tall hill with a temple of some sort on top. It should be decorated with Pterosaur nests
  • 8 pieces of Ruined Temple scatter terrain
  • Crystal Orb plot point
  • 4 x Lost Treasure plot point markers (gold ring, crystal sword, tablet fragment, etc)
  • 8 x Pterosaur “Circling” markers
  • You may want to add some Perilous areas such as poisonous snakes, quicksand, etc


Festival of Masks

Costumed revelers fill the streets during the annual celebration. Amidst the wild dancing and raucous feasting, the nobles whisper and plot behind brightly colored disguises.

This is a Social Affair scenario, so there is no Brawling, Shooting, Running or Dodging, nor can any Bursts be placed on the table.

I have played a couple of Social Affair games at Cons and they are a lot of fun, as they require a different approach to winning. They also have the benefit of the Dirty Tricks rule, which is a hoot.

I haven’t figured out which models to get for some of the Plot Points and NPCs, but I do recommend the more the merrier!

  • 8 – 10 Village terrain pieces. DriveThruRPG has some papercraft Roman houses that might work well for this
  • The Plot Points: there are quite a few NPC minis needed for this scenario –
    • The Duchess (Forge of Ice Snake Priestess 1)
    • The Elder
    • The Courtier
    • The Priestess (Forge of Ice girl with Spear)
    • The General
    • 5 x Mpamono Monks (CP Miniatures has some good ones). Put them on 3″ diameter bases, as that is the range they are extremely perilous.
    • 2 x Bonfire
    • 3-5 x Drunk Nobles
    • 2-4 x Female Guards (Forge of Ice Lion Women of Azor)

The Forge of Ice catalog is here.


The Hand of Muk

Shekhan’s troopers are scouring Lemuria in an effort to capture Ikkiuk Umuk, the rumored leader of the Mukling Outcasts. If you can find him first, perhaps he may join your fight against the Queen…

  • 2 x fire pits
  • Crocodile pool
  • Major Plot Point: The Shaman (Saleesa Leader from Forge of Ice)
  • 4 x Outcasts (Saleesa Warriors)
  • 8-10 pieces of Ruined Temple scatter terrain
  • 4 x Queen’s Guard, plus X more as reinforcements (you may need as many as 12 – 15 for this campaign…I’m going to use these minis from Antediluvian Miniatures)
  • Captain of the Guard

There are four scenarios left to catalog, and three of them are going to involve some serious terrain-building.

Stay tuned, and as always, C&C welcome.

One thought on “The Lost World of Lemuria – Scenarios 5 – 7

  1. Between the two post you’ve given a good insight in to what is needed for to play out the campaign Stephen, I think taking on any campaign always requires a lot of work & some more then others but the rewards imo are worth it 🙂

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