The Lost World of Lemuria – Scenarios 1-4

Welcome to the first four scenarios in the Lost World of Lemuria campaign. In this and following posts, there will be a list of specific Special minis and terrain pieces you will need to execute each scenario.

In addition to these special pieces, you will need some trees, foliage, or fish tank plants of some kind to use as Scatter on the board. Keep in mind that the game board size is based on a 3’x3′ space, so the recommended amount of terrain features is 6 to 8.

Arena of Terror

  • Brass Ring plot point marker
  • Deep pool of water, 12″ in diameter
  • Two large Arena Gates
  • Paper markers for:
    • Armored Crocodile
    • Zargon (see p 17)
    • 4 x Pterosaur
    • 4 x Giant Spider
    • 4 x Skull-Boar
    • 2 x Wild Cyclops
    • 2 x Terror Bird
    • 2 x Karsh Creeper

The character cards in the back of the campaign booklet have pictures of these creatures. I am going to be grabbing some “search engine” results and making paper cutouts to represent these monsters.

As soon as they are completed I will share the PDF here.

Beast Hunt

  • 4 x Lair entrances
  • Paper makers for:
    • 2 x Giant Crab
    • Lemurian Dragon
  • 4 x Skull plot point markers

Caravan Attack

  • Priestess (Iloracen?)
  • Bandit Leader and 7 x Bandits (Saleesa Warriors)
  • Paper markers for Refugee Caravan (4 x beasts of burden)
  • Chest

Dangerous Waters

  • 12 x Rooftop terrain pieces, about 8″ x 6″, not too steep
  • 5 x Plot point markers, “Lost Treasures”
  • Armored Crocodile
  • Giant Crab

I found some PDF cardstock buildings a ways back that may be useful for printing and using for this terrain:

from David Graffam, free paper craft hovel

I-d recommend re-sizing the roof piece, and using some cardstock to make the pitch less, so your models can stand on it.

More scenario material lists coming soon!


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