June Workbench

Let’s go to Casablanca!

Rick's Place

I was so excited to receive the Exotoc Locations set from Sally 4th last month that I forced myself to finish the musicians so I could start on the Casablanca project.


Now I need to get a board put together to base this little vignette, but at least they are off of the workbench!

I have assembled everything I need from the Cafe kit, and the Rick’s Place set dressing.

Rick's Place

Rick's Place

Rick's Place

Rick's Place

I am not going to bother building the chairs, from experience with other interior games they just get in the way of moving models around.

I also have the Museum of Antiquities and the Ancient Souk set dressing kits, which I can use in conjunction with Rick’s.


On the workbench right now are some French Foreign Legion and police, including Renault. I also have models for Rick and Ferrari.

Casablanca 28mm foreign legion and French Police

To save time I base-coated the police in dark blue, which I have had a lot of trouble with in the past. All of these figs will be going on the clear bases I got from the Pulp Alley store. Like this:


What’s Next

Finally, after almost three years of waiting, I received my Kickstarter from the RAFM Airship Pirates!

Really looking forward to working on these and building the Airship from Crossover.

I have a busy Summer ahead!

As always C & C welcome.

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