August Workbench

I did not accomplish much this month, being busy with work and looking for a new apartment. We found a good one, a little smaller, but MUCH less expensive. We didn’t have a lot of time to look when we first moved to Maryland.

Any hoo, here we are:

You remember the Yangzee figs from July? The blue-clad gal on the right front corner is new, Princess Koji in her “Sexy Koji #1” outfit. The fig is Katelyn Sarong Bikini – Modern Civilian from Effin Cool. She didn’t get a lot of time, as the fig has a serious mold line I couldn’t overcome.
August painting 2016 WIP

Here she is with the third Koji variant, you can see the mold line up her arm and across her face.
Princess Koji Alternates

Here we have Koji (Sexy Koji #2) and Sarah Stickney-White almost complete, they just need a little more work on Face and Eyes
Princess Koji and Sarah Stickney-White WIP

Here is one of the Karlov League gals (I haven’t named her yet…)
August 2016 WIP Karlov Sidekick? Ally?

I need to get these done by the first week in Sept, after that we have to start packing. It took 17 hours to pack up my hobby room last time! The good news is that a lot of stuff is still packed, as I have only been playing at Huzzah! and Carnage Cons.

Stay tuned…

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