Workbench Update: Minis for Carnage

Josh and I are going to be running two Pulp Alley games at Carnage this fall, featuring more Pirate action and a new scenario: Rescuing Ann Darrow from King Kong!

Here are some of the miniatures I’ll be painting:

Three versions of Ann, depending on what point in the action:

WIP report 07.31.02015

These old GW palm trees are going to become Carnivorous Creepers:

WIP report 07.31.02015

These Melanesian Islanders are going to do double-duty in the games, first as the indigenous inhabitants of Treasure Island, then as the Kong-worshippers:

WIP report 07.31.02015

They should be fun to paint, because they have naturally blond hair!

Melanesian youth

We have some Treasure Troves, too:

WIP report 07.31.02015

I’ll post more pics as work progresses.

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