Practicing Painting Skin

For years I just did the bare minimum to create flesh-tones on my little models and in my latest batch of figures I have decided to put a little more effort into it.

I’ve watched a couple of video tutorials by other painters and here are some of the results.

These figs are some “civilians” that I am doing: (Click the image to see it larger)

At this stage the highlights make them look “doughy” and weird, so I went back over them with the Reikland Flesh wash:

This dramatically changed the look, and blurred the lighter shades into the darker for a much better look.

I am doing the same thing with these figs (Reaper “”Bones” figs from their recent Kickstarter):

The mechanic figure in the middle of the second image is not the best quality. In the top pic you can see that she is molded in a white plastic that is shiny and hard to see the details. Once primed in tan the imperfections really jumped out (click the pic to see what I mean).

Her face, especially her chin, is not very smooth at all.

By contrast, these two figs from Statuesque are much higher quality and will be easier to get some good detail on.

In future postings I will track the progress of all of these figs for you to follow along. I am looking forward to using them as “Extras” or Objectives (people to be rescued or transported) in upcoming games.

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