Today we played our first Warhammer 40k Apocalypse game with the 6th Edition BRB and the newly revised Apocalypse rule book. There were two teams of two, each supplying 3,500 points. We had a really great time, and some good lessons were learned.

My side was with Commissar Danno and we both brought a combination of Imperial Guard and Chaos. JH and Discordian brought a mix of Space Marines, IG, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau and a Grey Knight Dreadknight (? Wha?).

I didn’t keep any sort of log of the game but I will tell you this, we took a beating in the first turn from JH’s Space Marine laden Drop Pods… Those dudes had Melta Guns out the wazoo, and two of our super-heavy tanks were blown away in the first turn without ever firing a shot.


This group has a very different style of play and list-building than my last group (the “Meta”), and I am still learning how to deal with them…

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