Recent Painting Projects

Last week I finished painting my Tallarn Imperial Guard army.

Let that sink in for a moment… an army that I have been working on since the early ’90s. Is done. It is done!

Tallarn Army

Amazing, I know…

Anyhoo, now I am working on some really cool figs that I got from Pulp Figures, Zeppelin Officers and Zeppelin Jump Troopen:

The detail is quite good on these figures, and while I am not sure what precisely I may be using them for (most likely “counts as” IG Stormtroopers or maybe something for Strange Aeons, if I get to play…), I do like them a lot.

I am also working on some Statuesque Miniatures figs, the Steel Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary and a couple of non-military figs. Here is one of my favorites:

I still need a lot of practice doing flesh tones for faces, so I am excited to get some experience with these Civilians. I am planning on having these figs done by the end of month, then I am getting an airbrush and will start ‘unifying’ all of my armored vehicles.

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