End of Day Notes 13.09

This week has been really busy with new client stuff. Editing copy, writing, drafting new websites. Very cool.

Unfortunately that did not leave a lot of time for the un-paid writing…

Oh, and the Lovely Bride had a birthday yesterday, so a good-sized chunk of my days on Tues and Weds were devoted to preparing for that event.

What value did I give away today?
Ummm, only my post for B2B Insights…

Focus: Morning
I spent too much time watching the news on TV and online this morning, the unrest in the Middle East is exposing the utter fecklessness and foolishness of the Obama administration…this is going to get ugly. Uglier. I wonder how long it will be before a US Embassy is overrun and the staff taken hostage?

Some errands and then paid client work. W00t!

Preparing dinner and then, just maybe, working on some miniatures…

Effort: Today vs the past
All of this week has been busy, and quite productive. I would say that I invested more effort in the average day last week that this, excepting today.

Important to note that taking a nap after lunch really made finishing strong possible.

What is left undone?
Unpaid writing and content creation. Will do that tomorrow.

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