End of Day Notes 06.09

What value did I give away today?
Wrote a pretty creative post for one of the sites I contribute to.

Focus: Morning
Up early again, and more rain, so just core exercising. Weight still at 214. Processing Feeds, sending proposals, editing NHTC (Left over from yesterday).


Farmer's Market in Wolfeboro, NH
Farmer's Market in Wolfeboro, NH

Farmer’s Market networking and soft-selling followed by a nap to refresh.

Tonight we clean out the fridge for dinner and then I’ll probably do some reading as there is nothing on TV but the freaks, deviants and sociopaths at the DNC. The Lovely Bride is going to want to watch her reality shows…

Effort: Today vs the past
Not quite equal to yesterday’s heroics, but a very good day.

What is left undone?
Nothing. There are some emergent tasks that popped up near the end of the day, these are being slotted for tomorrow as I plan out my last day of work for this week, we are going to take the whole weekend off.

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