End of Day Notes – Sat 01.09

What value did I give away today?
After I took care of finishing up the leftover work from yesterday, I did a ton of sharing on social networks.

Focus: Morning
Finishing, planning and organizing for next week and month.
Then I took a break because the day was just too gorgeous and found a great place to fish for Bluegill. I caught a bunch of them, mostly 3-5 inches long. Those went back in the water. The bigger ones, 7 to 9 inches, went in a bucket to be dinner.

Cleaning Bluegills, what a mess. Then a nap.

Relaxing with the Lovely Bride.

Effort: Today vs the past
The morning was busy and productive, the later parts of the day were more like I had planned for the whole summer. So much for plans…

What is left undone?
I did not hit my goal for getting figures painted in August.

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