Staff Meeting and Weekly Review

Today is Wednesday. This post is three days overdue. So you can imagine what the past week was like. I got quite a bit done, just not as much as I would have liked.

My Weekly Writing tasks take up a lot of time, time that eats into when I should be working on the novel. As does just plain jerking around on Social Media. Today there will be no Facebook time at all. I haven’t even checked my email yet.

M office is a friggin’ mess, which needs to get organized pronto, as this is having an effect, a very negative effect on my work. I am going to have to work late tonight, and yes, I will be back here in this space for my End-of-Day review.

As I log the things that need to get done tody, I am now up to 11. At 10:34 am. Sheesh. I need to get better at this, I don’t know what happens to my discipline. I was doing great up until Weds. last week, now it’s taking me until Weds. to get my act together. My friend Dave Seah mentioned something like this in one of his posts last week, in that he cranks along for a couple of weeks then gets thrown off track. I wish I could go full-bore for two weeks.

My exercise program is going well, so at least one thing is rocking. I have lost 10 pounds from my high of 226 in the first week of July. 216 on the scale today. Excellent.

Since this review is late and sucks anyway I am going to stop here, clean up my office, and get some stuff done. Tonight’s EoD will be longer than it probably should, I suppose as part two of this abortion.


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