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My friend and colleague Patrick Rhone is on Twitter Sabbatical and leaves us with this brilliant and thoughtful essay on why:

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Stephen Smith at Thoreau's Cabin on Walden PondHenry David Thoreau wished to separate himself from community and society and live, for a time, alone. Not because he did not enjoy, appreciate, or benefit from his participation in it. He did so because he knew the only way to best evaluate his place within it was to live and observe it from the outside. So he built a small cabin in the woods, a brief walking distance from town, on a small pond called Walden. The land on which it was built was actually owned by his friend and contemporary Ralph Waldo Emerson. I consider both literary and intellectual heroes of mine.

It is through this lens that I have been putting a lot of (read: way too much) thought into Twitter, and my place within it, lately. For months and, perhaps, years now something about it has not felt right with me about it. I’m beginning to understand that it is not just one thing but many, many, things that have led me to feel this unease. Here are some of the few I have identified.

I have to agree that I have not been getting what I want from Twitter lately either, so I have been pruning the list of people that I follow. I am currently down to 394, and will probably get that number down to 300 in the coming months.

I, like Patrick, am looking for more engagement, more conversation. I am also following a bunch of folks that aren’t following me back, and never reply. They are going in the Delete category.

For now, Facebook will remain the truly “open” channel where I blather on about politics and funny pictures and whatever. G+ is going to be srictly business, as soon as I get a biz page put together… Sigh.

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