Staff Meeting and Weekly Review

It was a pretty good week in terms of productivity.

planner-sheets from Productive Flourishing
Using the paper and pencil planner sheets is more fun

I have been using these planner sheets for three weeks now and they are an amazing aid to getting things done around here. They are also exposing a big weakness in my higher level planning, that I am over-extending myself.

The yellow hi-lited portions are things that did not get done that week (the Monthly planner is the one on top). As you can see, the fist week was a start-up, the second week was not good at all. The third week I caught up a bit but (as of Saturday morning when I am writing this) the Work.Smarter! editing has not been done. Which is odd because I keep telling myself that task is the most important. Aaah, but it’s not the most Urgent.

The good news? The Weekly Planner has a lot of blue on it right now, no pink! and just a little yellow…progress is being made. I will be making some more progress on this as well, this isn’t over until Sunday. And I still have two weeks in this month’s plan.

(so now I am going to stop here with the pre-review, go have lunch, then work on the Kindle book all afternoon.)

Whew! I worked on the layout all afternoon and it looks good! Now I just need to get some editing for clarity done on the last chapter.

I also logged some time in updating the Q3.02012 Goals file in Evernote:

Here is the list of goals for Q3:

  • 20 members signed up for marketing business by 30 Sept
    • 10 sign ups in August – 1 yes, 1 no, 9 in the pipe
    • 10 sign ups in September
    • Initiate second community site by 30 September
  • Edit and publish Work.Smarter! volume two by 31 August
    • Layout complete 18.08
    • “Content Curation” Chapter needs some work
  • Write 20,000 words for draft of novel by 31 August
    • 0 complete 19.08
  • Write and produce slides for Blogging for Business presentation by 31 August
    • Outline work in progress 19.08
    • [Note: If there are going to be presentations in other towns, then the marketing business websites for each need to be prepped and online with draft content before the seminar series begins]
  • Write 30,000 words for draft of novel by 30 Sept
  • Scheduled writing projects:
    • Weekly column for B2B Insights – 7 columns by 27 Sept
      • 16.08 done
      • 23.08 done
      • 30.08
      • 06.09
      • 13.09
      • 20.09
      • 27.09
    • Weekly Letter for Premium Content Subscribers – 6 letters by 25 Sept
      • 21.08 outline complete
      • 28.08 done
      • 04.09
      • 11.09
      • 18.09
      • 25.09
    • Weekly Digest for Accountability Community – 6 digests by 26 Sept
      • 22.08 in progress
      • 29.08
      • 05.09
      • 12.09
      • 19.09
      • 26.09
    • Assorted commentary and content curation for the In Context Blog
    • Friday Morning Zen – 7 posts by 28 Sept
      • 17.08 done
      • 24.08 done
      • 31.08 done
      • 07.09
      • 14.09
      • 21.09
      • 28.09
  • 10% of all business revenue into savings acct
  • Maintain exercise program – core / arms & shoulders / 40 mins of walking & running five times per week through 31 August. Extend to 50 mins of walking & running in September
    • Progress is good, exercised every day except Sunday this week
    • MTWRFS 13-19.08
    • MTWRFSU 20-26.08
    • MTWRFSU 27-02.09
  • Complete painting/modeling work on IG Tallarn characters and special units, Angels of Purgatory Space Marines, and Basilisk and Leman Russ Vanquisher tanks by 31 August
    • 0 work on this 13-19.08
  • Complete painting/modeling work on Krieg IG infantry platoons, Sentinel walkers and APCs by 30 September

Wow. Copy and paste from Evernote makes this a LOT easier. I still wish that I could figure out the formatting & why the sub-levels of the UL are so much bigger…

It is now just after noon, next week is plotted out, I am going to go eat lunch and take the rest of the day off.

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