Economic Revolution

Shane Atwell’s Blog: Yaron Brook on the Obamacare Decision

In part: “There is a consistent view across the entire political map that we have no rights when it comes to our economic life. It’s just a question of where they want to draw the line, how they want to regulate, how they want to play around at the margins. What is needed today in America is a revolution–a moral revolution, a political revolution. The fundamental is a notion of individual rights, that we have a right to live our lives as we see fit, that we have a right to buy insurance or not buy insurance. We have a right to choose from a bunch of insurance options that a free market would provide. The insurance companies have a right to provide all kinds of insurance products to us. We have to fight for economic rights of individuals, of businesses, of corporations. We have to fight for the principle of economic freedom. We have to fight for true free markets, ultimately for real separation of state from economics. Anything short of that ultimately leads to this kind of decision, to a slippery slope, to a systematic erosion of our freedoms. Toward a free market revolution, that’s what we should be fighting for.”

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