Going Up the Mountain

Trail up Mt Major on Lake Winnipesaukee
Trail up Mt Major on Lake Winnipesaukee

I love this climb. It takes a couple of hours to get up and back, but the views and the exercise are worth it. I climbed this little mountain for the first time late last fall, had the whole place pretty much to myself. I found a spot to sit on the shoulder of the mountain, looking out over the lake, for a good 30 minutes of zazen.


I brought my Notebook of Worthless Ideas with me, did some idea capturing and worked out some things that I had been thinking about. All in all a very worthwhile day.

I should have gone up there again last week. I was feeling down and un-motivated. I am working on quitting smoking and I went “cold turkey” all of two days. By the second evening I was jonesing so bad, I had to get a butt. I normally only smoke about 10-12 cigarettes a day, so I thought it would be easier than it was. In the past seven days I have brought that down to 6 or 7 per day. Much better. I have also started running again and keeping a close eye on what I eat.

I quit smoking once before, about 9 years ago. I gained 25+ pounds that time and it was a bitch losing them again. I am determined not to let that happen this time. I am going to quit and I am going to get my weight down to 200 pounds by the Fourth of July.

It means creating new routines:

  • not smoking after I eat,
  • not smoking while I drive,
  • not taking a smoke break when I feel creatively blocked.

Those have been my tools for avoiding boredom and for collecting my thoughts for a long time. New habits are hard to create, but you can do it with determination and discipline.

I am stronger than I think I am. I can, and will, do this. I promise you. If I have to go up the mountain every week to get myself back in control.

2 thoughts on “Going Up the Mountain

  1. After you eat: focus on cleaning up. If you eat out, go brush your teeth after that meal 😉

    While driving: get a hostage, a nice white pair of pants or whatever, maybe even something of the lovely bride’s. Remember that if you smoke in the car, it will turn yellow. Don’t let your baby suffocate! 😉

    Creative block: cup of tea and a few bites of chocolate 🙂

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